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  • Each piece of wood has been carefully inspected and controlled the quality both raw materials and workmanship . This is the result from our commitment to produce the beauty and last longer engineered flooring.
  • Simple and fast installation could save much time and environmental health friendly because Florest engineered flooring is prefinished from the factory. It will not create any dust,dirt nor any smell of painting during installation.
  • Last longer useful life. The UV acrylic finishing is very durable. It is 3 times harder than typical polyurethane coating.
  • Eliminate the problem of wood expansion and contraction . The cross-ply construction of plywood core maintains its stability of the Engineered Flooring against expanding and contracting over its useful life, especially, in high humidity climate.
  • The rubber foam backing helps reduce noise when walking on it. It is also prevent moisture from the subfloor to pass through the flooring. In addition, it helps leveling the floor while installing.
  • Easy to maintenance and cleaning because Florest engineered flooring comes with a square edge tounge and groove. Thus there is no groove in between each piece of wood flooring and no dust accumulates between the joint after installation.